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Your Mitsubish Smart Phone Connection


The future of driving has arrived...


Mitsubishi is proud to introduce Smartphone Link Display Audio technology. Utilizing both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay technology, the intelligent heads up display system allows both smartphone and Android users the ability to get directions, receive and send text messages, make calls and listen to your favorite music all without taking your eyes off the road.

Whether you're a business person on the move or out for a leisurely cruise, both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay software work seamlessly alongside your Mitsubishi vehicle, automatically bringing you useful information such as weather updates, upcoming appointments and incoming messages.

Looking for the score to the big game? Simply, use the search function utilized by your Smartphone or Android device through voice command and you'll have your answer.

The vehicle's dashboard display is designed for quick and easy use and can be connected by simply attaching your device with its USB cable. By connecting your Bluetooth software, you have access up to date GPS information such as maps, traffic conditions as well as estimated travel times. All of which are spoken through the vehicle's audio system so you never have to worry about taking your hands off the wheel.

The 2018 and 2019 Mitsubishi Outlander feature Mitsubishi''s Smartphone Link Display

Enjoying music has never been this much fun. Once your device is connected to the display hub you can listen to your favorite artists, songs, podcasts and playlists by using only voice commands. Many phone applications such as iTunes, Stitcher, iHeartRadio and Spotify are already compatible with the vehicle's display and going forward you can expect to see even more added to the already robust lineup.


CarPlay is a smarter, safer way to use your iPhone in the car. It takes the things you want to do with your iPhone while driving and puts them right on your car's built-in display.

You can get directions, make calls, send and receive messages, and listen to music, all in a way that allows you to stay focused on the road. Just connect your iPhone and go.


CarPlay will work with every iPhone from the iPhone 5 on. That includes older models up to the most recent iPhone.



Android Auto was designed with safety in mind. With a simple and intuitive interface, integrated steering wheel controls and powerful new voice actions, it's designed to minimise distraction so that you can stay focused on the road.


To use Android Auto, you need an Android Auto compatible vehicle or aftermarket radio and an Android phone running 5.0 (Lollipop) or higher.

When you connect your Android phone to the compatible vehicle or radio, Android Auto will display applications on the vehicle's screen making it simple to access and operate just like they would on your phone.