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Waverley Mitsubishi is located in Winnipeg and serves as your Manitoba Mitsubishi dealer. Waverley Mitsubishi is focused on ensuring all customers receive a premium Mitsubishi experience every time you visit us.

We understand that Mitsubishi vehicles are for life.

Our Mitsubishi brand comes with "The Best Backed Cars in the World" slogan; a 10 year Factory Warranty with a promise. Because we sell the world’s best backed cars Waverley Mitsubishi holds our staff of experts to a higher standard.

We promise to treat every prospective customer like we would a friend: with respect and the kind of professionalism that keeps people coming back to our dealership again and again.

We want to make you feel like the decisions you make with our service professionals are always the right ones and that our sales team are people you can discuss any issue with.


Waverley Mitsubishi is a family-owned business that embraces important traditional industry principles, but digs deeper to build new, innovative and exciting ways to elevate the customer experience.


We strive towards sales excellence and have been awarded the distinction of "Mitsubishi Motors Canada Top Ten Sales Volume" every year since our inception. We've also achieved the highest level of after sales service, being awarded the "Mitsubishi Triple Diamond Service" only given to the highest achievers in Canada.

At the core and root is our team of people that know and understand that this is only possible with you, our customers. From the minute you walk in, call us or reach out from any source, you will know our desire to serve you.

We like you and we hope that you will like our efforts to make you the happiest customer in the world with our outstanding commitment to service. Come and meet the Waverley Mitsubishi Team and experience the difference!

To quote our General Manager, Rino Attardo; "Since the day we opened our doors in 2007, our company sentiment has always remained the same; "We Like You".


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