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Customer Rewards Card


Waverley Mitsubishi is excited to introduce our Customer Rewards Card for our loyal Mitsubishi drivers.

It is in appreciation of our loyal customers and our desire to offer value
back to our customers who have placed their confidence in us.

The Waverley Mitsubishi Customer Rewards Card is another reason we stand above the rest and a contributing factor to our “Triple Diamond Service Award” for excellence in customer service 2 years running.

It saves you money on new car purchases and the services you need.

You earn a 5% SERVICE/PARTS/ACCESSORIES CREDIT on purchases over $50 at our dealership
and ANOTHER 5% SALES CREDIT towards the purchase of a new
or used vehicle at Waverley Mitsubishi as an added bonus!

The rewards you earn will be active for 84 months.

The Waverley Mitsubishi Customer Rewards Card starts immediately.

Unlike other rewards programs, at Waverley Mitsubishi your rewards are just like cash that can be applied towards Parts and Service and even with your next vehicle purchase.

Redemption is easy.

Simply ask anyone here at Waverley Mitsubishi and we will sign you up.

Registration is easy and only $40.00, but we will immediately load a $60.00 credit
on your card as a gift from us with no expiry date!

Ask any Waverley Mitsubishi service staff member in our Winnipeg dealership
or contact us online today!