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Waverley Mitsubishi Market Report

Hi everyone, my name is Rino Attardo, President, General Manager here at Waverley Mitsubishi.

I can’t say enough how much we appreciate you, our and my hope is that we can continue to be an option for you and your family and friends when it comes to an automotive purchase/service.

Covid-19 has tremendously affected the vehicle industry and I wanted to share some of those happenings with you.

Vehicle sales year to date when factoring in all New Vehicle Manufacturers are down approximately 25%, there are several reasons for this including but not limited to uncertainty in the market, jobs, health and many other factors. For us as dealers another has been vehicle supply.

Many manufacturers shut down worldwide for lengthy periods of time causing major supply issues across North America.

Like many other industries it has caused many ripple effects. In the car industry the new car shortage has led to a major inflation in the price of used vehicles.

Many companies such as rental car agencies that normally supply 1-2-year-old vehicles to the market were required to extend current fleet’s due to no new vehicle availability. Normally these 1-2-year-old vehicles offer great value but also assist in the evaluation of 3-6-year-old vehicles and this has been the case for many years.

Combine that with a lower amount of customer/vehicle trade in’s, and with the USA dealing with the same shortages, a dollar that is much stronger than ours, cross border shopping on Canadian used vehicles at all time highs. These factors and more have contributed to the current used vehicle market.

Recently we have started to see a rebound in the industry which is a positive for all, here at Waverley Mitsubishi we have been well prepared to best assist you, our customers.

The shortages of new vehicles and the effects to new vehicle sales have energized the auto manufacturers and in our case Mitsubishi, to make buying a new Mitsubishi extremely affordable and with a variety of incentives and terms that are as beneficial and aggressive for customers as we have seen in recent years.

Combine this with the highest values we have seen in years for used vehicles and trade ins, means buying a new Mitsubishi will come at favorable savings.

In early October we will send you the AMAZING 2020 model year clear-out promotions being offered here at Waverley Mitsubishi.

On the service and parts side of the business we continue and attempt to meet and exceed our customer expectations, 2019 was yet again a “Triple Crown Award “winning year, once again being selected as one of Canada’s top Mitsubishi dealers in after sale service. No other Mitsubishi dealer in Canada has received this recognition as often as our team here in the past 10 years!

We prepare for the Winter Season with specials on services and winter tires/wheel packages and more.

As a dealership we will continue stringent Covid-19 polices and procedures for the safety of our customers and team. If you do not have a mask, we will provide you one in a clean and socially distanced/sanitized environment. Our facility is cleaned daily and extensively.

We look forward to seeing you and we are wishing everyone a safe and healthy fall season.

Rino Attardo

President General Manager

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