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Waverley Mitsubishi wants to help you get your car ready for the season. You can schedule your seasonal service appointment online or call us at 1 (888) 929-8112 to book quickly with one of our friendly service co-ordinators. Our team of experience Mitsubishi certified service technicians will be happy to help you.




No one wants to be left out in the cold. Keep your cooling systems in check even in colder weather to keep your engine in top shape.

  • We check all systems that help cool your vehicle including your radiator, water pumps, thermostat, and liquid coolants.
  • We check that your temperature gauges are working correctly, that all dashboard lights are giving you the right info, and even more when you bring it in.
  • Antifreeze does a double whammy in your Mitsubishi's system. We ensure you have enough so the water in your car doesn't freeze in cold temperatures and keeps moving parts moving smoothly when you need them the most.

Having your shocks and your struts working is important before pot hole season in Winnipeg.

  • Your Shock absorbers reduce the bounce when driving your car. Struts are important to maintain structural support and even height of your vehicle. Both are an important part of teh suspension system and should regularly be checked. The average shocks may last up to 4 or 5 years and we can always look for problems before they start.
  • Inside every strut system is fluid that works with the hydraulics of your car. Bumpy roads can over compress your pistons and cause leaks.
  • We also raise up your Mitsubishi and you look for any signs of oil leaking out of that shock or strut. If oil is leaking out we can suggest they be replaced and help fix it.

Tires and brakes tend to get more worn out during the winter. Getting your tires aligned and check can save you money in the long run and reduce wear all year long.

  • We can also check brake pads and rotor for signs of wear & damages.
  • Checking the pressure of you tires can save you from getting a flat tire or worse.
  • As the temperature drops you can lose air in your tires. Let us check your levels and fill you up if needed.
  • Rotating your tires after a bumpy Winnipeg winter is essential. It ensures even tire wear on all sides and can increase the life of your tires.
  • We will look for signs or wear, for bulges, or lumps that we can report.

Your car uses several fluids that all play an important role in the proper functioning of your vehicle. They should be checked regularly to ensure their at a good level and checked for leaks.

  • The motor oil is like water to your body. It's what makes everything in your vehicle run smoothly. You should take your car in for an oil change on a regular basis. We can also check for leaks.
  • Your transmission fluid is what keeps the gears on your car moving smoothly. If it needs to be changed it will smell burnt or you'll see that it is brown.
  • Brake fluid is another essential fluid to your vehicle's proper functioning. You should have it checked when you get an oil change.

If you're not sure what services your car needs our technicians can perform a general visual check to determine what should be done. It usually includes:

  • Looking at the engine bay and under the car for signs of fluid leaks
  • Observing the electrical wires and hoses and looking for cracks
  • Taking a screw driver/wrench to the various clamps that make up the fuel system to ensure that they are tight


In order for you to get the most life out of an automotive battery it must remain in good condition. When you visit us and claim our limited time offer we're able to:

  • Test the battery voltage
  • Inspect it for signs of corrosion/oxidation and buildup of acid
  • Check the battery cables to ensure good connection
  • Clean the battery if necessary
  • Check battery fluid level


The fuel injection is a system for admitting fuel into an internal combustion engine. During its evolution, the fuel injector has become more precise in dispensing fuel which leads to better fuel economy. However, deposits such as water can throw off your vehicle's precision and cause drivability issues such as the following:

  • Hard starting
  • Stalling
  • Loud idling
  • Knocking from the engine
  • Loss of power
  • Poor fuel economy
  • Increased fuel emissions
  • Rust


At Waverley Mitsubishi we run our Wynn’s pressurized injector cleaner through your vehicles injectors to ensure it can perform at its optimal performance. It is a quick and easy procedure that cleans the nozzles and any carbon build up of your combustion chambers and valves.

Wynn's Injector Cleaner contains a special concentrated detergents guaranteed to clean dirty injectors with just one usage.

If you've driven over 24,000 km or you hear the sputter of a struggling start, you could have deposits in your engine slowing you down. Get your fuel injector cleaned today at our exclusive price is $129.95 for a limited time only!

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