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Protection Car Care Special

Car Care Special

Hi to our customers, we want to share with you a special offer. Waverley Mitsubishi, along with our Mitsubishi partners, has joined in this amazing sale offer.

This limited-time offer is presented at over 50% savings. We are confident that you will share in our excitement, this offer is applicable to new and used vehicles, and all makes and models serviceable by Waverley Mitsubishi.

The Waverley Mitsubishi Protection Car Care Special.

Did you know, Manitoba is categorized as the “Rust Capital of Western Canada.”

We start the process with UNDERCOATING. We use the highest grade, Diamond Kote Premium Vulcanized Undercoating.

This premium virtually indestructible vulcanized rubber undercoating not only protects your vehicle from the elements such as road debris, salt, sand, rocks but also protects from rust and blocks excessive road and engine noise, making your short and long road trips more enjoyable and safer!

Next, we complete the Rustproofing process,

Rust never sleeps, and once again, we use Diamond Kote Premium Liquid Corrosion Protection, which penetrates deep into trouble spots, stopping rust before it starts. It’s scientifically engineered to expand and contract with temperature changes while keeping air and water out.

Finally, we complete the implementation of ITEKT Windshield, and this is an ultra-thin glass layer that repels water and protects your windshield.

All these products are free from a drip or leak out, and for the period covering 2 years after your installation Waverley Mitsubishi will touch up as required and also complete one no charge re-application of ITEKT Windshield, all of which requires to be done while completing a regular service in the second year.

It only gets better. All this for ONLY $499.00. that’s right $499.00 and only at Waverley Mitsubishi.

Call Toll Free 1-855-712-7615 and book your appointment.

Just mention the Car Care Special or CCS to confirm your offer.

Sincerely and Stay Safe

Rino Attardo

President, Waverley Mitsubishi