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Mitsubishi Canada Full Circle Competition

Mitsubishi Canada Full Circle Competition

Celebrating Double Victory at Waverley Mitsubishi: Triumph in the Mitsubishi Canada Full Circle Competition!

Mitsubishi Canada Full Circle Competition

Waverley Mitsubishi's Historic Win

We're overjoyed to share a monumental moment in the history of Waverley Mitsubishi. Our very own Nic Picicci and Michael Bewick have achieved remarkable success in the prestigious Mitsubishi Canada Full Circle Competition. This competition is a testament to the exceptional skills, dedication, and customer engagement of top sales consultants and service advisors across Canada.

Michael Bewick: Canada's Top Sales Consultant

Michael Bewick has been crowned the Top Sales Consultant in Canada, a title that speaks volumes about his proficiency and commitment to excellence. His approach to sales is not just about numbers but about truly understanding and fulfilling the needs of each customer, setting a new benchmark in the automotive sales industry.

Nic Picicci: Reclaiming the Top Spot

Nic Picicci has once again proven his unparalleled expertise in service, securing the title of Top Service Advisor. His consistent performance and dedication to providing exceptional service have made him a multiple-time winner, showcasing the high standards we uphold at Waverley Mitsubishi.

Mitsubishi Canada Full Circle Competition

A Team Effort

These individual accolades were supported by a robust team led by Service Operations Manager Kirk Christodoulides and General Sales Manager Nelson Lantin. It's a collective effort that spans several months of intense competition, involving hundreds of professionals across Canada.

A First in Competition History

For the first time ever, one dealership has claimed both the Top Sales Consultant and Top Service Advisor awards. This dual victory is not just a celebration of individual achievement but a testament to Waverley Mitsubishi's commitment to delivering an unparalleled sales and service experience to our customers.

A Thank You to Our Customers

We extend our heartfelt thanks to our customers for their ongoing support. It's your faith in us that drives our continuous efforts to provide excellent service. As we celebrate these achievements, we reaffirm our commitment to you, our valued customers.

Looking Forward

Michael Bewick, Nic Picicci, and the entire Waverley Mitsubishi team are energized to maintain this high standard of service. We look forward to continuing our journey of excellence, ensuring that every experience you have with Waverley Mitsubishi is nothing short of exceptional.

Join us in congratulating Michael and Nic on their outstanding achievements and in celebrating this historic moment for Waverley Mitsubishi!

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