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Special Triple Diamond Gala Edition 2020

Special Triple Diamond Gala Edition 2020

What a fantastic event! The Special Trip Diamond Gala 2020 has come and gone providing a wonderful time filled with smiling faces. We are happy to share the news that this event has included with you.

The Triple Diamond Gala 2020 is an opportunity for sales managers, sales representatives and business managers to get together and celebrate the hard work that has been done in the year. This would mark the 14th annual event! The life and energy that each individual shared at the gala was exuberant and spirit lifting. For some people, it was also a moment to be presented with well-deserved awards.

For the 2019 Sales Consultant Recognition Program, it makes us so happy to see that our very own Jeth Reyes has reached heights of the ranks as the Diamond – Cat B recognition level, and received a Triple Diamond Award, way to go Jeth! A significant achievement that proves without a doubt that Jeth is a quality sales person who cares about making sure his customers receive the best treatment while purchasing a vehicle. We thank you for your continuous level of professionalism.

We are so thankful to be part of a group of people that do so much for their customers. A big thank you goes out to all the people from which this would not be possible, to our fellow workers to the staff who provided the set up and stage for an all-around super celebration!

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